We offer a full range of integrated graphic design services, including website design, corporate identity design, social media marketing designs, advertising and branding designs, mobile, marketing integrals, video and animation designs.

90% of the information transmitted to the human brain is visual. Our brain is hard-wired for visual content. Stunning graphics can instantly communicate a message because visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. You must utilize a visual approach to create a persona for your business. Graphic design and web graphics are vital tools to grab the attention of your customers. They can help carve your brand identity and stand out in the crowd.
Business often underestimates the importance of graphic designs. However, good designs can bring lots of business benefits. When used effectively, graphics can help boost your company’s marketing efforts.

What do we do?

Our professional graphic designers in Asansol brings their passion for designing to all our projects. We can help you carve a unique identity with our stunning designs. We are a leading digital marketing and graphic design company in Asansol, with years of experience working in Indian and international markets. We can give your business an individual expression.

We create superior quality logos, business cards, advertising copy, social media posts, and a wide range of printed and online media designs. As a leading graphic design agency in Asansol, we take some time to understand our clients’ unique business needs and develop striking designs bespoke to their requirement. The various types of graphic design services we offer to our clients are:

Corporate Brand Identity

Tell a Complete Brand Story

Corporate identity design is the visual representation of your brand. Consistency and branding are two things that must set the tone for all your brand assets. This is crucial to create a unique Corporate brand identity that helps you stand out from the competition. A brand’s unique identity is depicted through its logo, color palette, typography, business card, stationary, and general look-n-feel. We create cohesive and consistent designs that narrate your brand story. Our designs can bring a pleasing visual effect to your branding and thus stimulate your marketing efforts.

Corporate identity and logo designs go hand in hand. However, your brand’s identity goes beyond a logo and must reflect in all your brand assets— letterheads, business card, envelopes, and other stationaries. Our clean and attractive Corporate identity designs can tell interesting stories about your brand and organization.

Corporate Brand Identity

Logo Design

Be yourself, be visible, be memorable.

Logo creates the first impression of your business and brand. Before finalizing a logo design, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. Does your logo stand out? Does it resonate with your business? Remember, your logo could be the potential first step customer makes towards choosing. We make sure your logo does all this for you and much more. Our in-house logo designers can create logos that leave a permanent imprint in your customers’ minds. We put in our combined efforts in your design until you are completely in love with it. We create a powerful logo that is bold, distinctive, and memorable.

Brochure Design

Professional, creative and innovative designs.

Brochures are a vital piece of your marketing tool. Brochure designing is not just about the creativity, but the true essence lies in skillfulness of its design—the cuts, the folds and colours all together work to communicate your message to the consumer. Our intelligent and skillful brochure designs make sure that your brochures significantly impact your target audience. We are a one-stop destination for high-end and attractive brochures of all cuts and folds. Whether it is e-brochure or the hard-copy, we ensure they consist of crisp content, remarkable designs, and vibrant images. Our brochure design expertise expands to flyer design, poster design, banners design, menu design, pamphlet design, and other marketing collateral designs.

Social Media Post Design

Modern social media post designs for all platforms.

Preparing the right content for social media can be time-consuming. The attention span of your social media audience is getting shorter. You need images and graphic content that stop your audience from scrolling further and taking a moment to view your post.  However, not all social media managers are expert graphic designers. We can assist in designing amazing graphics for your social media campaigns and calendars. We create a bundle of post designs for different types of businesses and social networking platforms. Our designers and social media managers work together to create professionally crafted posts, banner ads, covers, timeline photos, videos, gifs, and ads for promoting your business online.

Video and Animation creation

Creative, effective, instructional, and engaging videos.

Whether you want to engage your audience, provide instructions, or convert clicks into customers, videos are the best solution. Creating an impactful video to make a connection with your audience is one of the hardest things to do for any digital marketer. Our video and animation creators in Asansol can help you identify and highlight points that create a lasting branding experience. We can create whiteboard videos, 2D animated videos, product demo, corporate videos, and explainer videos. We can help elevate your brand with our fully customized video content. We have video marketing solutions that suit every budget and size of business.

Why do you need stunning designs?

Design is more than pretty pictures! Professional graphic designs go beyond just making your business look good. When used correctly, graphics can help communicate your message even without using a single word. It is a powerful marketing tool that you can use to communicate, inform, educate, engage, or influence your audience. With great design, you can make the ideal first impression engraved in your target audience’s mind.

Perception: Awesome business needs awesome branding, period. Stop losing leads and potential customers with outdated and dull branding. Your branding must represent what your business truly is and what it can be in the future. A good graphic designer can establish your visual identity that reflects your organizational goals. All small brand assets such as business cards, logos, stationery, website, social media pages, etc., work together to create that perception in the mind of your audience. Thus, it is imperative that your branding is in line with how you want to be perceived.

Connection: If your audience is human, they are already looking to make the connection, as it is the innate nature of humans. Your audience is more likely to engage with brands they feel connected to. Great designs are aspirational; they make it easier for your message to connect with your audience. The story telling expertise of motion graphics take it to the next level and gives you more control over the process. Right designs can help differentiate yourself, and make your competition take a note.

Increase sales and Marketing Position: Good graphic design not only help gain high visibility but also influences your audience, converts them as buyers, and leads to increased sales. Graphic designers put money in your pocket by solving marketing problems with their expertise. They cut the information overload and make your message attractive and precise. All these benefits contribute to one powerful result, which is more sales and revenue for your business. 

A Strategic Investment: We are in times when most brands look the same. All of them are fighting to stand out in a crowded marketplace. As a business person, that can be your concern. When you decide to run a business, you are in for a long-term commitment.  You must invest in expert graphic design services that help to build the persona of your business. You need to ensure that the personality you define in the early stages stays with you for a long-time. Good design establishes your identity, communicates what you do and why it is important.

Why Us

Professional Graphic Design Services in Asansol

  • Striking Designs: Get your own stunning, custom-made, and distinct graphic designs for your business.
  • User-Centric: Design that communicates to users’ needs and requirements.
  • Quality Usability: We ensure top-notch quality in designs, process, and delivery.
  • Expert designers: We have an experienced and qualified team of graphic designers who brings their passion to everyday work.
  • Multiple revision: We provide unlimited revisions until our clients are delighted with the results.
  • Affordability and quick delivery: We offer cost-effective graphic design services that ensure timely delivery.
  • Cater to all types of business: Whether you are a big corporate or a small salon in our neighborhood, we have unique design solutions for all.

    At Virohaa, we are continuously learning and evolving to the latest trends in the digital marketing world. Our team is up for any challenge and create them to be big success stories. If you need creative branding solutions or an interactive website, get in touch with us. We guarantee a powerful presence both online and offline.