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Virohaa is a one-stop social media marketing and digital marketing agency. We are a team of CLEAR THINKING, RESTLESS, CREATIVE, & PASSIONATE online marketers. We are committed to developing a thriving community around your business. We create and polish your brand image, along with improving your public relations. Virohaa has helped several brands to find success by unlocking their potential and achieve online marketing goals. Our social media team has vast experience working with startups, entrepreneurs, legal firms, educational institutes, etc.

Keep your business moving with interactive and appealing websites.

Social Media marketing has immense scope in India, and it is rapidly increasing. Social media has grown to a full-fledged marketing avenue from a socializing platform. It is crucial for a business to have a presence on every major social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. Businesses around the world are utilizing the power of social media to reach a larger audience base. Social media marketing is the easiest and fastest way to reach, engage, and influence your potential customer.

What do we offer?

Quality takes time. Step-by-step we build your brand on social media. We strategically build your social media presence that reflects what you desire for your brand. It is all about how you wish to be perceived by your audience. We offer community building, account growth, promotions, and ad analysis.

If you are not on social media, you are not relevant at this era. We provide the support, so you can swim in this digital age and leverage these platforms.

Our Social Media Management services include:

• Social Media Account Management

We offer competitive social media management services, ensuring consistent presence on various social media platforms. We know what it needs to build a strong presence and brand story on social media. We create content bespoke to each channel after understanding the nuances of different social media platforms.

Managing social media accounts and calendars requires methodical work and deep insight into each social media platform's works. Our dedicated social media community managers create and post content to keep your audience engaged. The social media managers also create detailed monthly social media reports to provide insight into developments and activities on your pages.

Social Media Content Creation

Our social media managers create a content strategy that is in tune with your overall online marketing goals. We do review the content strategy each month, analyze data, and make relevant changes. We track which posts increased interactions and engagement. Based on the analysis, we craft similar content and generate the best results.

We provide a range of content creation options. Our in-house content creators and graphic artists create images, videos, cinemagraphs, gifs, and engaging write-ups—we do it all.

We show your audience that you are listening by creating content that speaks to them. Content strategy that involves audience’s interest, needs, and questions, is invaluable to the overall success of a social media campaign.

Times are changing so is the attention span of your consumer. All brands are trying their best to get a few seconds of that span. You need content that is memorable. That remains with your audience even when they scroll down.

Facebook Ads Management

Our Facebook ad managers identify the Unique Selling Point (USP) of your business and build a social media campaign around it. You need professionals to manage your ads as Facebook advertising takes time and effort. Ads require continuous monitoring and updates.

We can help garner engagements and generate new leads for your business. Our compelling digital Ads are created with the ultimate aim of lead conversions. When planned and executed right, digital Ads can help completely transform your digital marketing ball game. Leave the technical trouble of managing and running the Facebook Ads to our managers. You take care of leads and focus on conversions.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the largest video platform currently. It is also the second largest search engine after Google. Millions come on YouTube to watch and upload videos daily. It has immense potential as it has nearly 2 billion monthly active users. Being the second-largest social media channel after Facebook, it becomes an integral part of social media advertising and promotions.

We offer end-to-end social media management and marketing solutions. From identifying and refining your audience to video creations, optimization, distribution, utilize analytics, and generate leads. There is no aspect of YouTube that we can't utilize.

Audit Reports

We offer comprehensive social media audit reports that include platform wise progress, content analysis, and overall results. Our monthly content calendar and reports are an in-house specialty and give a clear picture of your social media pages.

Who Are We?

Virohaa Internet Media Asansol is the digital marketing division of a larger marketing agency. Virohaa is a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO. We have been operating successfully in Dubai since 2015. Our clients range from big corporates to small establishments. We have delivered our services to clients from the UAE, UK, USA, Africa, India, and several other parts of the world. In the past few years, we have expanded to meet the needs of a growing digital landscape in India. We build high impact communications to establish a leadership position, differentiate you from competitors, create a unique brand identity, and win market share.

We provide a wide range of Digital Marketing services in Asansol


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


We ensure you have a prominent and compelling online presence. We make sure that your website receives a high search ranking on Google. Our SEO experts specialize in enterprise SEO, local SEO, technical SEO, e-commerce SEO, etc.

Web Design and Development

Website Development

Our gifted web designers and graphics team trigger real innovation and create impressive websites. We have completely customized web design solutions that are bespoke to each customer's unique requirement


Conversion Tracking

We provide a result-oriented digital marketing service. Our monthly reports will give you clear insight into the developments and growth trajectory. We ensure seamless tracking of the buyer's journey from the very first time they visit your website or social media platform to purchasing your product.


Social Media Management

We create compelling content and plan your media presence. We set the tone, frequency, and direction of your social media communication based on the channel. We ensure that all your social media pages work cohesively and communicate a similar message to the audience.


Content Marketing

Our gifted web designers and graphics team trigger real innovation and create impressive websites. We have completely customized web design solutions that are bespoke to each customer's unique requirement

Why do you need a social media marketing agency?

It is an undeniable fact that no digital marketing exercise can be completed without involving social media. If your business is not active on a social media, you are missing out on a terrific commercial opportunity. There are no barriers for entering social media marketing. All businesses, whether big or small, can equally leverage social media platforms to find success online.

Social media marketing is not rocket science, Setup,  maintenance and providing engaging content continuously is another. Social Media agencies can get your page verified, design size-relative images for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other pages. In case you don’t have a social media presence, they can build that from scratch.

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn  or any other social media platform, each and every Social media Platforms has its unique advantages and Process. Only experienced and qualified social media managers or Experts can fully exploit the opportunities of each and every Social Media Platform for Your Business. 

Social media strategists can give you an edge in terms of creative ideas. Agencies have tried and tested methods to generate success via social media. They are also well-aware of the pitfalls that may occur and help you save your money. Moreover, they are updated about all the recent changes and upgrades happening in the social media.

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Five key benefits of hiring a social media agency like Virohaa:

  1. We know the best practices and latest upgrades.
  2. We have access to the best resources and tools to publish, distribute, and analyze the performance.
  3. Give you the perspective and add value to your online marketing.
  4. We have the best human capital to do the job well.
  5. Utilize social media marketing to boost your business website’s SEO.

What sets us apart from other Asansol Social Media Marketing Company?

We are all about results. We go beyond just posting and see social media as a business opportunity for brands. We collaborate with your team,understand their periodic objectives and create long-term and short-term strategies. We can show quantifiable results and help you reach realistic goals, both in terms of metrics and traffic for your business.

Analyzing Business

Analyze your business and competition and employ strategies to fill the industry gaps. Based on the analysis, we develop customer personas to get an understanding of your target audience

Customized Solution

No two businesses are same, nor are the two social media strategies. Our social media experts in Asansol create customized plans that fit your company's needs and target your potential audience

Creative Posts

Our plans include industry-specific informational posts, promotional posts, engagement generating posts, and posts about company culture


Work in Partnership

We don't want to treat you as another client. We want to hear your ideas and objectives. Our experts work with you to reach your goals and grow your business faster

Undivided Attention

Our dedicated social media managers are never too busy to answer your questions. The specialists are your primary touchpoint to get updates and clarify queries

Testing & Optimization

Our flexible social media strategies are easy to change and mold based on the changing trends and results. We keep optimizing your posts and get the recognition your brand deserves

What you are looking for

  • Launching new products
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Increase fans and followers
  • Increase app downloads
  • Increase website traffic
  • Create a social media brand

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