Virohaa offers content writing services by a team of specialized, professional writers. Whatever industry you are in, you need professional content writers to educate, engage and influence your customers. We are a one-stop content agency that offers to deliver exceptional services for fair prices. We have experience working with a range of businesses.

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“Great content is the best sales tool in the world.”

— Marcus Sheridan    

What is content marketing?

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract, retain a clearly define audience — and ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” Content Marketing Institute

In the techno-driven world, where your audience is continuously spending more and more time online, content became the essential marketing tool. The right content marketing strategy gives you a convincing brand voice. The content is used to communicate, educate, and persuade your audience. Businesses need high-quality content that’s appealing to their target audience.

Why must you hire content writing services?

There is no alternative to a good content marketing service. After all, you can’t manage everything on your own, and some things must be left for the experts. Below are the benefits which are associated with our excellent content writing services are:

  • SEO Optimized content
  • Enhance the number of loyal customers.
  • Helps to enhance brand awareness.
  • Makes your communication sound more professional.
  • Create a voice for your company
  • Benefits over in-house or freelance workers.

Different types of content help you connect with various customers in a number of ways. Whatever your requirement is, we have solutions for all your content needs:

Our Content Writing Services

Blog Posts

Blogging has been around since the advent of the internet. However, with time it has matured, and the ways to use them have evolved. It has become an integral part of your digital marketing strategy. Modern blogs are well-written pieces of high-quality content that appeals to your audience. Blogs are loved equally by search engines and readers. It can be an excellent tool for building authority, gain trust, make a connection, build a relationship with readers, and keep the conversations going. Our word weavers can create valuable and engaging stories. Engaging blogs created by our content writers in Asansol can keep eager readers coming back to your website. We ensure your blogs are share-worthy on different social media platforms, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. 

Social Media

Social media marketing utilizes different content types as it caters to a range of audiences. Though visual elements dominate the social media content, yet words still play an essential role. A simple heading or one line caption on your Insta reels sometimes don’t come naturally to mind. Professional social media content creators can rescue the brain freeze moments like this. They can help you with content that catches attention and influence user to share and like. 


Infographics is a fascinating tool that combines graphics and words in a presentable format. You can pack a ton of information into a compact image format that is visually appealing and easily consumable. Infographics are shared 3 times more often on social media in comparison to text content. Infographics are a piece of art. Lots of things go into designing a perfect infographic. Our content writers and graphic designers work together to create cleanly organized and striking infographics. We ensure that your message is sent to your audience. Our SEO experts make sure that all the infographics are SEO optimized. Anyone who further shares those images can give you the valuable backlinks essential for content marketing to thrive.

Web Content

Web content marketing uplifts a regular webpage by customizing it to your business needs. Web content must have the ability to persuade readers to take action.  Quality web content writing involves a careful balance of promotional and non-promotional content. Your content must subtly slip into the minds of your consumer and influence them to take desirable steps. Our content writers provide valuable and informative content that your readers can appreciate. Web content is a combination of various types of content that includes text, videos, images, and all needs to be search engine optimized. It also includes techno-legal content such as privacy policy, the refund policy, and the “about us” page. We have experts for each type of website content requirement.

Search Engine Optimization

No matter how great your content is, it’s worthless if it’s lying on the second page of google search. SEO and content writing are integral to each other. Your content needs to be optimized to make it more visible and get a higher ranking on search results. SEO content needs to be eloquent, precise, and without any grammatical errors. Search algorithms love well-categorized content with attractive headings and subheadings as it becomes easier for them to crawl through the pages. Our SEO content writers in Asansol take utmost care to create content enriched with keywords and follow all the SEO guidelines of Google and other search engines. Our SEO experts and writers combine forces to ensure you rank high in all search results so that your target audience easily find you.


eBooks are the lead magnets of the content marketing world. Whether you promote a five-page eBook or a thirty-page one, it must provide value to the readers. eBooks are a great tool to promote your services and collect emails for your email marketing campaigns. We create compelling and informative eBooks for all your social media and web marketing activities.

Product Descriptions

When it comes to online sales, at times, even the most reviewed product fails to sell themselves. It takes a lot of expertise and not to forget a considerable amount of optimization for a product description to encourage people to click on “add to cart.” Suppose your customers have questions even after reading your product description. In that case, it’s not doing its job right. Product description is not just a plain description but a marketing copy that explains the value proposition to the readers. A compelling product description copy must inform, convey benefits and solve your consumer’s problems. We ensure all our product description compels the browsing customer to stop and take notice. 


Videos aren’t always associated with content marketing. However, the attention span and taste of your online audience are changing. People prefer to watch a video rather than read a product description. It is crucial that you make videos an integral part of your content marketing strategy. Videos are dynamic tools and are created with a combination of graphic animation and content writers. A content writer creates the voiceovers, text on the video, or anything that the video participants speak. A video must offer value and must be designed to influence CTA. Apart from the website, videos can win social media campaigns and increase your reach.

What do we offer?

We work with local and international businesses of all types of sizes. Our writers have varying years of experience in professional content writing, and they all possess different skills. Our content managers first understand your project requirements and then assign individual assignments to the best writers. The projects are distributed based on your industry, quality requirement, and content type. The level of attention and detailing ensure that we deliver only the best results. We work on a range of content writing projects and various industries.

Content Creation: We are a one-stop solution for all kinds of content requirements — visual, text, and audio. All our contents are well-researched, plagiarism-free, and optimized for all types of search engines. Whether your need thousands of words or just a caption for your brand, our content writers have the best solution for you.

Proof Reading: Humans are prone to err. That is why we conduct multiple proofreading and content enhancement levels before we pass on the content to our web developers or client. We have both manual and automated processes to ensure the content is error-free and suitable for the audience you wish to target.

Publishing: Our accomplished WordPress developers offer customized solutions. We have some best in-house WordPress experts that help us develop clean and responsive websites. Keeping the mobile first-orientation in mind, we ensure WordPress themes are chosen accordingly and customized for mobile users.

Boosting Content for SEO: Taking the content marketing one step ahead, we make sure your content is boosted for SEO. Do not worry if your website is already up and running but fails to find a higher ranking. We can add SEO optimize content, and recycle the current content, so it’s loved by both readers and google algorithms.

Why Us?

Virohaa digital and content marketing services are trusted by some of the most reputed organizations in their industry. We give voice to your brands that not only engage — BUT SELLS!!

  • Well-researched
  • 100% original
  • Grammar Checked
  • Search friendly content
  • Ala carte service
  • Cost-effective
  • Increase Conversion rate
  • Increase social media exposure
  • Expert Content Writers
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • All rights transferred

The content marketing opportunities are abundant—blogs, articles, infographics, social media updated, product descriptions; the list is multiplying. We can help you evaluate your company’s goals and build a strong content marketing strategy involving the right mix of content.